How to use Skip Logic

For this example, we've created a very basic satisfaction form. This satisfaction form is made up of 4 different pages:

  • Introduction page, asking whether the respondent was satisfied or not
  • A "Yes" page for when they have selected "Yes"
  • A "No" page for when they have selected "No"
  • A thank you page to thank them for their time

We have configured this form so when the respondent selects the "No" option, it skips the third page. If the respondent selects "Yes", they will go to the next page by default (in this case the "Yes" page).

Skip to page "3" when "All" of the following logic matches:

Are you satisfied with us -is- No

To prevent a user from going to the "No" page after they have completed the "Yes" page, we also need to configure a page logic rule so they don't accidentally land on the "No" page. This is done with the exact same logic rule we have configured above. Underneath you can see an example of how that is set up:

That's all you need to know to start using Skip Logic!

Note: In this iteration of Skip Logic you can only configure a single skip logic per page.

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