With Calculations in QuestionScout, it's super easy to make interesting experiences on your forms and surveys to generate more leads or to simply offer more information. Whether it's visible or invisible to the respondent, you can add easy or complex formulas behind your forms that will add an additional layer of information to your forms. Perfect to create cost estimations, pricing calculators, quizzes and more.

Calculation Variables

When you select any element that supports calculations within the form builder, and you navigate over to the Calculations tab you will be presented with this screen. Here, you can add different variables on your form to which you can apply calculations to. You can add as few or as many custom variables to your form as you'd like. You can also choose which variables your respondents see using our Refer To functionality, allowing you to have visible and invisible calculator variables. This is explained in more detail down below.

Example: You can create a "Price" variable, and add all pricing-related calculations within that variable, which you show to the respondent. Additionally, you can also add different values to a second variable such as "Import Cost" to calculate the costs straight away, which you do not show to the respondent as it doesn't matter to them.

Creating Calculations

You can add calculations to the following fields as of writing:

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • Image Choice
  • Scale
  • Dropdowns
  • Numbers

When you select one of these fields in the Calculations builder except for the Number field, you will see the following interface:

With the number field selected, this is the interface you'll see:

Here, you add as many calculations as you'd like to a specific field, and have them perform the appropriate calculation on whatever variable you have added to your form or survey.

Example: If you are selling fruit, you can add a multiple-choice field that displays the fruit you're selling. If someone selects "Apples", you can add 1.25 to a variable called "Total Price".

Displaying Calculations

You can display calculations right in your form as well using our Refer-to feature. To do this, simply insert a field to your form (this could be any field you'd like, but we recommend using titles or descriptions to display prices, for example) and point towards your calculation variable.

In the screenshot underneath, we're continuing with the example as used above with us selling some juicy apples. To refer to the total price of our apples, simply type what you'd like your respondent to see, and refer to the calculation variable by typing @Total Price and hit enter when your refer-to variable appears. Now, it will display the price in the form as you'd expect!

Calculation Logic

Additionally, you can also use our Calculations to add additional layers of Logic to your form. You can use this to only display parts of your form when a specific Calculation threshold is exceeded, for example

To do this, simply go to the "Logic" tab within the builder and select the field you'd like to apply logic to. You can now select between Field Logic and Calculation Logic. When you select Calculation Logic, you will see this interface:

Here, you can assign logic thresholds that will display or hide this field when the calculation logic has been met. This is perfect for those that want to calculate prices, and only hide OR display specific sections of the form to those that apply to it.

Thank you pages based on Calculation Logic

You can also choose to display thank you pages based on calculations that were made on your form. This way you can choose to display different messages or forward them to a different webpage depending on the calculations that were made.

Here is an example of what the interface looks like with Calculation rules enabled:

If you have a quiz, for example, you could display completely different thank you pages based on the score they have after submitting the form. This could display the outcome of the quiz, forward them to a specific webpage that displays the outcome or anything you can think of! You can get as creative as you'd like 🎨

User Notifications based on Calculation Logic

You can also inform users within your account using Calculation Logic. This works the exact same way as with our Thank you pages. This is very useful when you would like to inform different individuals in your account when a specific threshold has been met using our Calculations.

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