Adding users to your account

Adding users to QuestionScout is very helpful for when you need multiple individuals to access the forms you have on your account. 

There are two types of users:

  1. Collaborators: this user type can be assigned different levels of permissions on a particular workspace, such as reading and editing.
  2. Guests: this user type can not be assigned any level of permissions, and is only able to "read" things that they are invited to.

There are two permission levels for our users:

  • Account permissions
  • Workspace permissions

In this article, we'll be going over the account permissions, and what they exactly mean.

Adding a user to your account

When you're ready to start adding users to your account, and you've upgraded your plan accordingly to allow for more seats, you can go to the users tab under your account settings and start adding users. Clicking the "Add New User" button will show you a modal where you can insert the email addresses you would like to add.

What do the account roles mean?

There are four account roles for QuestionScout accounts.

  • Account Owner
  • Administrator
  • Moderator
  • User

The Account Owner has access to everything on an account, including billing. There is no way to change this yourself. If you would like to change account owner, please get in touch with us.

An Administrator has access to and can manage all workspaces, forms, and users. This means that:

  • They can invite new users to your QuestionScout account
  • They can manage all workspaces without being invited to them
  • They can manage all forms (they can create, read, update and delete a form)

A Moderator can access and manage all workspaces and forms. They're essentially the same as an administrator, with the exception that they can not add new users to your QuestionScout account.

A User does not have any management rights. They can access forms in workspaces they create or that they are invited to. Our workspace level permissions apply to every single user in your account. This means that a user can not see any forms or workspaces they are not invited to. 

The only Workspace every single user in your account, no matter the role has full access to by default is the Uncategorized workspace. This means that also users can read, update, edit and delete forms inside of the Uncategorized folder. Please make sure to update your workspaces and permissions accordingly to prevent mistakes from happening.

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