SMTP Settings on your forms

Adding your SMTP settings to your account allows you to use your own email server, instead of QuestionScout's, to send emails from your QuestionScout forms. Using SMTP settings, you can ensure your emails are being sent properly, as well as sending it from your own email servers, from your own domain name.

Step 1: Adding your SMTP information to your account

To get started, you will have to navigate to your account settings and head over to "SMTP Settings". On the SMTP Settings page, you have to add a new SMTP setting. Simply add all of the information provided by your web host and complete the SMTP setup.

Step 2: Assign your forms to send emails from your SMTP configuration

After you've added your SMTP information to your account, you can now add it to your form. Open the form you would like to have all emails sent from your server, and navigate to the Notifications tab. Then, make sure to enable your previously configured SMTP setting.

Optional: Adding SMTP to a Workspace

You can also add a forced SMTP to a Workspace. This will force all newly created forms within that Workspace to, by default, send emails from whatever SMTP Configuration you tell it to. To set this up, head over to your Workspaces page, and enable the "Enforce SMTP setting" option.

Helpful documents:

Setting up SMTP using your Gmail account

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