Embedding a QuestionScout form in Webflow

Embedding your QuestionScout forms into Webflow is really easy and takes less than a minute.


To embed a QuestionScout form into your Webflow page, you need the following:

  • A paid Webflow account. Embedding is not supported on free Webflow accounts.
  • A QuestionScout form

Step 1.

Head over to your QuestionScout form, and navigate to the Share page. At the bottom of the page, you will find the embed options together with an embed code. Select the embed type you'd like to use, and copy the embed code.

We now have everything we need to get started to embed it into Webflow!

Step 2.

Head over to Webflow, and open your site in the Webflow Designer. Then, hit the + icon in the top left to access the elements panel. Scroll to the "Components" section where you will find the "Embed" option. Click on the "Embed" element to add it to your Webflow site. 

Can't access the Embed option? This is likely because you're using a free Webflow account -- Embeds are only supported on paid Webflow accounts, so you'll have to upgrade in order to add a QuestionScout form to your page.

Step 3.

Paste the embed code you've copied in Step 1 into the embed screen and hit "Save and close". The Webflow preview will not display any embeds, but displaying it on your live website will display the QuestionScout form directly on your Webflow website!

Done! That's all to it embedding a QuestionScout form into your Webflow page.

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