Collecting payments with Stripe

In just a few minutes, you'll learn how to easily collect payments on your online form or survey using Stripe together with QuestionScout. Let's dive straight in!


To start collecting payments on your QuestionScout form using Stripe, you'll need the following:

  • A Stripe account
  • A QuestionScout account
  • A QuestionScout form

Step 1: Creating a Restricted Key

Head over to Stripe and sign in to your Stripe Dashboard. Afterwards, head over to your API Keys page and create a new restricted key.

To start, give your restricted key a recognizable name, and set the following two permissions:

  • All Checkout Resources set to Write 
  • All Webhook Resources set to Write

After you've set those correctly, hit the "Create key" button at the bottom of the page.

After you have created your Restricted API key, you'll get a prompt containing the restricted key. You're gonna need this key to continue, so make sure to copy this key. Alternatively, you can also the page open for when you insert it into QuestionScout in the following step.

Step 1.1: Copying your Publishable Key

You will also need your Publishable key from the same API Page within your Stripe dashboard. We recommend you keep this page open for easy access.

Step 2: Adding Stripe as a connected service

Sign in to your QuestionScout account and head over to your Connected Services tab. Afterwards, click on the "Add payment account" button.

After opening the payment account modal, you will have to submit some information to get Stripe connected. Make sure to give your integration a name, select Stripe as a provider, set the mode as Production or Sandbox (this is used for testing purposes) and select the appropriate currency. Afterwards, input the keys that you've created in the previous steps, and click "Add payment account" to finalize your connected service.

Step 3: Add the Stripe integration to your form

Head over to the form you want to use Stripe on. Afterwards, navigate to the form settings and go to the Integrations tab. Look for the Stripe integration and hit the Configure button.

When you're on the Stripe integration page, sure to enable the integration and select your previously configured connected service within the dropdown. After that, you've successfully enabled the Stripe integration on your form!

Step 4: Setting up Payments

To collect payments on your form, you're going to have to tell the form what to collect. Head over to the Payments page on your form settings to get started.

Make sure to configure the payment settings accordingly, and you're set!

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