Workspace management

In this article, we dive deeper into workspaces and how you can best manage your workspaces efficiently!

Workspaces act as "folders" or "buckets" of forms. Collaborators and guests can be invited to workspaces in order to work together, and there are a couple of settings that can be applied to workspaces (which affect all forms within that particular workspace).

Below you can find an example of what an empty workspace looks like by default. You can find all workspace-related properties on the right-hand side of the screen. This includes the following settings:

  1. Workspace Color
  2. Workspace Title
  3. Workspace Description: Helpful to explain the purpose of a particular workspace
  4. Enforce custom domain: This setting applies a custom domain to all forms within this workspace when enabled
  5. Enforce SMTP setting: This setting applies an SMTP configuration to all emails sent by all forms within this workspace
  6. Members: A list of all collaborators and guests that are invited to this workspace. These members can be assigned with permissions, depending on their user type.
  7. Hide workspace: This hides the workspace from all account members that are not invited to this particular workspace.

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