Creating your QuestionScout account

How to get started with QuestionScout, and the differences between Pro & Free accounts

Creating a QuestionScout account is really easy and straightforward. You can start with either a Pro or a Free account when you start using QuestionScout. In this article we'll be going through both.

Both our Pro plans and our Free plan have all features included. The only difference between a Free and a Pro plan are the limits as can be found on the plan pages or in the plan configurator.

Starting with a Pro account

If you would like to start off using a QuestionScout Pro account, you're more then welcome to! You can choose from one of our pre-configured plans, or even configure your own plan using the pricing calculator on our pricing page. After selecting or configuring your plan you can create your account by clicking on the "Start with Pro plan" button in the plan summary box on the right hand side.

Starting with a Free account

You don't have to start off with a Pro account. You can get to know us a bit better with a free account also, which has a few limits in place. With a free account, you can create 1 form, receive 50 monthly replies and receive 100MB in monthly file uploads.

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