If you've already been using QuestionScout and you would like to upgrade to Pro, you're in for a treat as upgrading is very easy! All you need to know before you upgrade is your expected usage. If you don't know your expected usage yet that's completely fine, as upgrading and downgrading your Pro plan is also very easy.

To upgrade your existing Free account to a Pro account, you need to head over to your billing inside of the application. Before you can upgrade to Pro, we need to know your expected account usage. Our pricing configurator allows you to see the price of your plan, as shown below.

After you have configured your plan accordingly, all you need to do is hit the "Start using Pro" button. Afterwards, we will have to receive some mandatory billing information and need to know your preferred payment method (Automated or manual).

And that's all to it, you're now a QuestionScout Pro member!

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