URL Parameters in QuestionScout are used to pass information along inside of the reply upon submission. URL Parameters are also known as "Hidden Fields" in other form builders.

This is what an example of what a QuestionScout form link with URL Parameters would look like:


How to set up URL Parameters

To start setting up URL Parameters, you must go to the Settings tab on the form you would like to set up your parameters on. At the bottom of the page, you will find the URL Parameters section:

To add a Parameter, simply click the "Add a Parameter" button. This will show you two fields to add the key and the value of the parameter.

You can add all parameters you would like in this section. The URL Preview underneath gives you a preview of what your URL will look like with the parameters added. You can add as many parameters as you would like.

If you would like to use different values, that's completely fine too! We also accept values that aren't set up on the URL Parameters page. That way, you can use this feature to its fullest. Just make sure the Keys are assigned appropriately!

All replies that get submitted with the URL Parameters enabled will have the parameters displayed in the Replies page, as shown here:

And that's all to adding URL Parameters to your QuestionScout form!

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