Workspaces in QuestionScout are perfect to manage your forms. You can add and remove users to and from a workspace that are added to your account (How to add users to your account). In this article, we'll be taking you through how to accomplish that.

What are Workspace permissions?

The Account Holder, Administrators and Moderators have full access to all workspaces in your account by default. They are also assigned all permissions (create, read, edit and delete) by default. Users can be assigned to a Workspace manually, and you can assign each user to one or multiple permissions per workspace.

Create means having access to creating a new form within that workspace.

Read means having access to the the responses and analytics on every existing form within that workspace.

Edit means having access to the build, design, logic and Publish functionality to every existing form within that workspace.

Delete means having access to deleting existing forms within that workspace.

How do I invite users to a Workspace?

If you would like normal users to access a newly created or existing Workspace, you have to invite them to it. In order to invite users to your Workspace, you have to click on the "+" button to the right of the Workspace title, as shown here:

Afterwards, you'll see a modal with all of the users that have access to your QuestionScout account. Here, you can add and modify their permissions. Again: the Account Owner, Administrators and Moderators have full access by default.

After you've set up your users and their permissions accordingly, they can now access the Workspace with your assigned permissions.

IMPORTANT: The Uncategorized Workspace

The Uncategorized Workspace is the default Workspace everyone on your account can access. Please note that everyone has full access to this Workspace. This means that every user role, including normal users have create, read, update and delete access to every form within the Uncategorized Workspace.

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