To use QuestionScout forms in WordPress, please refer to this document instead:

Below is the documentation for embedding a QuestionScout form using Elementor, we do not recommend using embedding on WordPress due to complications with WordPress.

Adding a QuestionScout form or survey to your WordPress page or post using the Elementor Plugin is real easy! There are just a couple of things you need to make sure you do, otherwise our embed scripts will not work properly.

First, you need to make sure you add a "Text Editor" field to the page or post you would like your form or survey to appear on. Within the text editor field, you must open on the "Text" tab. By default, the "Visual" tab is selected.

If you've selected the "Text" tab on the "Text Editor" field within Elementor, you can add the script. Your QuestionScout form or survey should now show up correctly on your WordPress post or page!

Note: If you form is appearing to you, but not to your users, you need to enable the "Combine Javascript Files" setting in your WordPress settings.

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