Email Notifications

Email notifications are great to let your customers know their response was received correctly, and can also be used to be completely customized in order to display particular results. This support document explains how to set email notifications up, and how to customize them.

Respondent Notifications

Respondent notifications are sent out to your respondent upon submission. To send respondent notifications, you are required to have an email address element on your form, as we need to be aware of the email address the notification must be sent to.

To customize the email notification, simply toggle the "Customize Email Content" option, and you'll be able to completely modify all of the contents that are being sent.

Self Notifications

Self notifications are sent out to collaborators and guests within your account. They can be used to notify one of your account users when a response rolls in. Additionally, self-notifications can be assigned to logic, meaning that you can email a particular user when a particular option within the form has been selected, or when a particular calculation has been met.

Additionally, it is possible to send email notifications to individuals outside of your account with SMTP enabled on this form. This can be configured under the "Email Settings" tab within the notifications screen.

SMTP Settings

To send emails through your own email server, we'd recommend you to configure your own SMTP settings. We have an entire support document that goes into more detail, which you can find here.

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